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A place of natural forces is turned into
a place of security and energy.

To intensify this experience and create outdoor spaces that not only defy the elements but reconcile with them is the task of landscape design. The key is simplicity, clarity and respect for the prevailing natural forces. The sea as a setting dictates the theme. The climate and nature of the terrain provide the instruments for landscapes that are in harmony with their external world. Sand, cliffs, wind, salt spray – our sea gardens are compositions of plants that not only survive in such conditions but flourish against the odds and correspond in their strength and beauty with the wild vitality of the sea and the specific buildings. Only in a carefully curated garden does the soul place sea become a place of security and energy.

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Using clever ideas
to tame even the sea.

Certainly, owners of seaside properties face major challenges. As if salt water and storms were not enough, as a result of climate change the sea level will in many places rise in the long term. So it is important to take the risk of flooding into consideration and to design outdoor facilities, buildings and entire premises so as to arm them for the future. With this in mind we develop ideas that open up not only solutions but also new possibilities. For example, on sites that are occasionally flooded we work with coastal plants that do not mind salt water. And where the sea breezes blow especially strongly it is advisable to introduce undulating hedge formations that the wind brushes over instead of tearing them to shreds. The elemental force of the oceans has always placed demands on human beings. If one adapts to it with respect and clever concepts it will continue to serve us as an inspiration and source of strength because in it we experience a hint of eternity.

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