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Save the forest!
But how?

Forestry research is in crisis, as is evident in the forestry industry too. Demand for timber is continuously increasing but tree plantations and mechanised forestry management that harm the forest ecosystem are part of the problem, so how must the forestry industry change in order to protect the forest and still be economically efficient? Which tree species will withstand changing climate conditions and supply timber reliably to future generations? What to do against invasive insect pests, soil degradation and the general extinction of species? What does the forest need so as to be armed for future challenges?

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New knowledge
for new paths.

To find answers to these and other questions we work closely with scientists and network research with practice. Our network includes soil scientists, foresters, botanists, entomologists, mycologists, zoologists and climate researchers. Starting with the nature of the woodland and its owner’s wishes, we find ways and means to optimise forests and make them fit for the future.

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A forest is more
than the sum of its trees.

We need stable, not only self-sustaining, but also productive forests. Intact ecosystems that provide a habitat for numerous animal and plant species and withstand future weather extremes. We also need areas of unspoilt nature and should trust in its self-healing powers and learn from it. And if we intervene in the forest, it must be sparingly. The point is to understand the concept of forest more broadly. A forest is more than trees. Only if it is healthy as a whole can it survive and be of benefit – to us and to our descendants.

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