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Inspired places.

They are rare and their magic is elusive. But you sense it. It is a feeling of perfect harmony in which you find not only security but also space in which to spread your wings. Inspired places awaken our senses with a kiss. Perfectly designed – inside as well as out. Good hotels are often confined to interiors. Our art is to take the idea of a hotel outdoors, thereby turning a temporary home into a soul place.

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Perfecting what
is already there.

Each hotel is different. A perfect outdoor area harmonises with the style, the specific quality and the spirit of the particular establishment. A successful hotel garden is ultimately an extension into the open air. The design of outdoor furnishings, the lighting, the spatial organisation, the plants and their arrangement – all must correspond seamlessly and harmoniously with the interior and further conceptualise the idea of the hotel. The seduction of guests begins on arrival and continues when they look out of a window, walk in the garden and linger on a bench. The point is to create living, inviting and unique outdoor worlds that enrich a stay and subtly complement the hotel. That is how magic comes about.

Breimann & Cie especially appreciate hotel projects. Partly because they often call for our artistic skill in the smallest of spaces. We can extend what is already there – the architecture, the aura, the history. Hardly anywhere else in landscape architecture are design, function, art, economic efficiency, humans and nature as closely interlinked as in the field of hotels. And the goal is always to make unforgettable moments possible.

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