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A passion for
three decades.

In just under three decades of work Henning Breimann has developed, designed and supervised a very wide range of projects in various constellations. From small, select country hotels to extensive, exclusive hotel complexes in the Mediterranean region. From agricultural estates in Germany to large parks in Asia. At Breimann & Cie he has since 2016 devoted himself primarily to his passion for transforming existing properties into natural paradises and for conceiving progressive, sustainable concepts so as to transfer the possibilities of tomorrow’s world to the here and now.

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The end product is
a perfect composition.

Breimann & Cie gardens and landscapes are full of scents, colours, shapes and sounds. They are living worlds that stand for themselves but always fulfil the desired functions. Holistic concepts, outdoor spaces adapted to modern realities that bring life with and in nature closer to people, taking into consideration the architecture of surrounding buildings as well as new technologies, economic efficiency and ecological change. At the same time, the smallest detail is of major significance. The type and qualities of paths, the lighting of the evening space, the design of outdoor furniture – our compositions bring all components into a creative, meaningful and location-upgrading relationship.

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Seeking the
spirit of a place.

In essence the point is to understand the spirit of a place, to recognise its character and needs and to turn the client’s wishes into reality. This requires a team of experts who together contribute a wealth of knowledge and experience. The bigger this pool of knowledge the broader is the bandwidth of possibilities. So the Breimann & Cie team includes landscape designers, agricultural scientists, ornithologists, architects, construction law specialists, designers and geologists. All supervise a project from basic idea to finished work and beyond. For every piece of nature is a living being: it needs attention, space and time. It flourishes in the present and grows into the future. If its design is in harmony with the world and the needs of its owners, if it gives happiness and fulfilment, a garden or a landscape becomes a soul place.

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