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Agricultural projects

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The magic word
is synergy.

Often, visual enhancement of an estate is only one aspect. Every farming estate holds diverse possibilities. Mapping them out and developing clever concepts that unite aesthetics, ecology and economic efficiency is one of our specialities. Ultimately the aim is to restore natural cycles and to turn the estate into an intact ecosystem capable of surviving unaided that flourishes financially and upgrades the natural environment. The magic word is synergy. Healthy soil and species-friendly livestock husbandry supply nutrients for the cultivated plants and improve their quality and market value. Sustainable fertiliser and intelligent use of plant protection products protect the groundwater, enhance plant quality and revive the dramatically threatened insect world. In short: prudently curated cultivation ensures higher-quality products, a healthy ecosystem, greater biodiversity and an aesthetic landscape image. In addition, process optimisation and restructuring releases enormous energies and enables financial gains.

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Exploiting potential
to the full.

A mistaken belief in conventional farming is that aesthetics, economic efficiency and responsible treatment of ecological resources are mutually exclusive. Smaller agricultural holdings in particular can profit from modern consumer behaviour whereby greater importance is attached to sustainability, quality primary production and regionally processed food. Customers pay top prices for healthy, well-produced food. Demand for meat and dairy products from species-friendly livestock husbandry has been rising for years, along with a longing for the idyllic, intact farm and sustainable crafts. So every agricultural estate is also a potential soul place, and with astute self-marketing and targeted brand development can become an exceedingly lucrative and positively perceived business enterprise.

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For generations
to come.

The future is green, turned towards nature and human beings – and full of challenges. The climate is changing, farmers and estate owners will have to battle with storms, heavy rainfall, droughts and other freak weather, and it is advisable to include consideration of climate change in in every plan. In this we see mainly opportunities. We rely on modern technology and traditional knowledge, take advice from scientists and specialists and carefully bring the estate into its best possible condition. So that it will be of benefit to human beings and nature for generations to come. Everything is there, itjust has to be connected and rendered fit for the future.

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