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Public Spaces

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Everything that makes
demands on us is welcome.

Among our clients are commercial and public property developers, private investors and architects of every size. We have gained considerable experience of project planning in hundreds of projects in Germany and internationally. We are especially keen on challenging building projects that require progressive approaches and unusual solutions.


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Marrying nature
and architecture.

It is important to us that the works we create function all year round. We always take the seasons – the changes in nature, the growing and dying – into consideration and utilise this transformation to open up new perspectives and impressions. Light is a key element because, with light, colours emerge. Sounds, such as that of water, create vibrancy. When these elements of nature meet with static materials such as stone, steel and glass, something new comes into being.

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Taking the future
into account.

It is also important to take changing climatic conditions into account and to plan outdoor areas so that they can withstand torrential rainfall or dry spells. In doing so we aspire to more than just decoration. Rooftop gardens, community gardens, alternative energy sources, sustainable and progressive design – with innovative ideas new dimensions can be added to every building project. Project planning is always partly about shaping the future.

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