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“If you have a garden,
you already live in paradise.”
(Aba Assa)

The art is to use garden design to create a place of well-being. Even in big cities, oases of calm can be created in the space of a few square metres. With the right use of leaf mass and intelligent plantings that swallow sounds and protect privacy. With herbs, fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. Any place can become a soul place. The wide variety of people and places is matched by the variety of gardens we design for them.

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“The garden is the last luxury of our times because it calls for that which has become most precious in our society – time, attention and space.”
(Dieter Kienast)

From enchanted gardens with profusions of plant life and vegetable plots for modern grow-your-owners to curated formal gardens – every one of our works turns its residents’ requirements into reality and engages in dialogue with the architecture of the particular property. In achieving this we always take changing times into consideration. Our gardens are climate-proof, sustainable and – if required – low maintenance. First and foremost, however, they are an invitation to awareness of the world and oneself. For a life in the here and now.

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